Global Panic

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A Documentary About The Communities That Made A Difference In 2020

In the midst of the 2020 Pandemic, the world seemed as though it might end. Panic struck the world’s citizens, stores were cleaned out, and neighbors were shunned as virus carriers. Amongst this chaos, courage, and compassion were born within our world’s communities. Individuals who set their own needs aside to help others: a pilot who was too young to drive but flew supplies to rural areas, two journalists of integrity on the run from their own government in China after exposing the truth within the virus epicenter of Wuhan, a small town who came together to rebuild what was lost after a tornado took everything they had, a doctor who volunteered as a first-responder to the Princess Cruises ship’s quarantine returning from the coast of Japan, A nurse handling the chaos and isolation of a COVID unit within the hospital walls, A medical military ship relieving overwhelmed New York hospitals from the city’s port, and the United States’ President with the weight of the world on his shoulders. These and many more inspiring stories in this film give us hope for tomorrow. When disaster brings out the worst in our world, it brings out the best in our communities.

Created by Filmakers From Around The World

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