Everyone Has A Story To Tell

"Film is but a medium to tell the stories that everyone has. My documentaries are about American heroes. My narratives are about adventure. Whether they be fictional or life impacting memories, it is the responsibility of the filmmaker to entertain and educate the world."

Jacob Whitley
Winner Spotlight Documentary Film Awards 2020
MIRACLE makers film festival laurel
Winner peaple's choice award for RockPort film festival 2017
Grand prize feature film Culver City Film Festival 2017
Moon Buggy Film Festival


New Releases and Viewer Favorites

Poster for Behind The Smoke

Behind The Smoke

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NEW RELEASE! “Behind The Smoke”

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9/11 20th Anniversary

Hello everyone. It has been a very busy summer. So busy in fact that I

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Networking is the Key to Filming Around the World

Edge Now On Vimeo On Demand Things are moving forward and new opportunities are presenting

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